Agitator technology in perfection Agitator technology in perfection

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Individual as your products

To ensure that you always get the best agitation results for your products, we offer you a wide range of highly-developed agitator types - from gear-driven agitators with different impeller designs and coaxial agitators through to homogenisers.

These are all freely configurable to ensure seamless integration into your processes. We can also offer special constructions designed by our own development department to meet your specific requirements. As diverse as our agitators and stirring devices are, they are all characterised by excellent material and manufacturing quality, as well as maximum economic efficiency and reliability. This is because we use only raw materials of the highest quality and selected components from well-known manufacturers. We also offer exceptional vertical integration in our production, which makes it possible for us to manufacture or finish most of the required agitator components independently. In this way, we can respond to your wishes with the greatest possible degree of flexibility and, at the same time, guarantee precision and quality down to the smallest detail. Of course we always adhere to the applicable statutory provisions and your internal factory standards in the development and manufacture of our products.

Whatever you plan to do: We will build the right agitator for you!

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